Base Governance System

BASE memeber organizing meeting to mobilize community

The current organizational structure of the BASE is designed taking into account its mandated roles and responsibilities as well as the relevant institutional structures that BASE has been proposed to establish and coordinate. It has major division/thematic sectors such as administration and finance, procurement, monitoring evaluation and documentation, and thematic wise sectoral program units.

BASE day to day overall management is headed by an Executive Director (ED), each division is led by professional Program Coordinators (PCs) with the technical backstopping support by the program director. Program Coordinators are responsible for program management, planning, monitoring, budget planning, coordination with district and national level stakeholders, and reporting.  They are further supported by trained field level staff/ social mobilizers, program assistance, and community volunteers, each responsible for a specific operational unit.

There is a well-equipped central project office in Tulsipur, Dang where more than 35 well professional staffs are base and 8 well- equipped district branch offices in Dang, Banke, Bardiya, Kailali, Kanchanpur, Surkhet, Rukum and Salyan headed by senior manager called District Coordinators (DCs) in each of the districts.

BASE is a mass membership organization and has its governance system and structure – BASE Village Committee, Area Committee, District Committee and Central Committee, Women Awareness Committee (WAC) and Youth groups are its sister organizations within the organizational framework, all operating at their respective level and in their areas. Following the BASE statute, BASE committees take its plans, progress reports,, and other policy-level phenomenons in the annual general assembly which decides over the agendas of the BASE committees, and then BASE committees implement the decisions of the general assembly.

BASE has a good linkage and coordination with international and national networks and it is a member of these networks. Education Network, Global March, Child Consortium, District Child Welfare Board: these networks can support by advocating against the use of schools and students by any political parties, child rights, Child-Friendly School either directly or indirectly.

Following is the BASE central executive committee which took responsibility from 25th General Assembly from 5 Magh,2072 B.S.

S.N. Name Designation M/F Address
1 Mr. Dilli Bahadur Chaudhary Founder President M Tulsipur, Dang
2 Mr. Yagya Raj Chaudhary Vice-Chairman / Acting Chairman M Geta, Kailali
3 Mr. Defu Lal Chaudhary General Secretory M Nandragaun, Dang
4 Mr. Dhurba Bahadur Shah Joint Secretary M Golaura, Dang
5 Mr. Gopal Chaudhary Treasurer M Shreepur, Kailali
6 Mr. Maya Ram Chaudhary Member M Kanchanpur
7 Ms. Sangita Tharu Member F Banke
8 Ms. Juna Khadka Member F Bardiya
9 Mr. Purna Bahadur Chaudhary Member M Chakhaura, Dang
10 Mr. Man Bahadur Chaudhary Member M Tulsipur-6, Dang
11 Ms. Chanchala Chaudhary Member F Dang, Deukhuri
12. Mr. Rajesh Chaudhary Member M Dangisaran
13. Mr. Deepak Chaudhary Member M Tulsipur-6, Dang

For day to day management of the organization and execution of the development projects, there are levels management committees such as the central level management team (CMT) and district level management committee (DMC)  which guide to its level-wise specific operational unit for implementation daily jobs of organization. BASE has its strong administrative policy for overall governance within the organization. BASE follows the admin policy while employing new staff. It has clearly mentioned in the policy, the authorization of a responsible person for the approval of leave, travel order, training allowance, performance appraisals of staff and reporting line. There are financial and procurement policies that guide financial operations, inventory records, and procurement procedures. Besides, there are other policies such as child safeguarding, GESI and whistleblowing, sexual harassment at workplace, adult vulnerability, and telework policy.

For financial management, the BASE is applying both software and manual system and it’s depending on the volume and nature of the program. All the financial disbursement takes place from the BASE central to the district offices and based on the project nature central office also execute the program directly in the case of natural disaster such as flooding, earth quack, and other man-made disasters. BASE finance section is keeping all the financial transaction record. The transaction vouchers are raised by the finance section and take approval from the Executive Director before disbursement of budget. Financial reporting is done by the senior financial coordinator of BASE in close support of other subordinate staff. District finance officers prepare reports and provided to the Finance Coordinator on a monthly/quarterly basis. Finance Coordinator will compile the financial report in close coordination of Program Manager/Executive Director, and report to the donor through Executive Director. Executive Director has the overall responsibilities to ensure for the timely implementation and reporting both narratives as well as financial reporting. After the support all the receipts and documents are kept by the finance section. At the end of the year financial auditing is taking place by Chartered Accountant (CA) and report to Government and funding agencies.

Further, BASE has produced the different policies for the effectiveness of the organization at community and within the organization’s personnel, consultant, executive board members, volunteers, and other concerned stakeholders. There are the Child and Vulnerable Adult Safeguarding and Sexual Harassment at the Workplace Policy, GESI Policy, Admin Policy, Finance Management Manual, Procurement Policy, Anti-Bribery Policy, and Different Program Implementation Guidelines. BASE conducts the basic orientation to the newly appointed concerned persons on the Sexual Harassment Policy who have to commit not to breach of the policy.

Organogram of the organization is also available at the link BASE organogram.