Central Management Committee & District Management Committee

Central Management Team and District Management Team

BASE executive committee has decided to formulate the management team at central project office level and district branch offices to look after day to day overall management of the projects and offices. These management teams are called “Central Management Team (CMT)” at central project office and “District Management Committee (DMC)” at district branch office.  The CMT comprises Executive Director as coordinator, and Program Director, Admin Director, Head of Finance and one representative from BASE executive committee as members of the CMT. The DMC comprises BASE district committee president as Coordinator, District Coordinator as Member Secretary, and Finance Officer at district, and concerned program head as members of the DMC.

Central Management Team: The CMT monitors and decides about all BASE projects and office management related phenomenon. It guides and supervises/facilitate the DMC’s actions and activities about the management of the projects and office managements.  Following are the ToR of the CMT,

  • Organize weekly meeting related to day to day management matters
  • Implement BASE policies including admin and fiance policies.
  • Conduct staff and consultant selection process.
  • Hire the staff and consultant as per deemed by project’s requirement.
  • Accomplish the management procedures as per the BASE policies and donor’s agreement.
  • Take temporary decision on the management issues which are not addressed by BASE admin policies or the issues raised suddenly.
  • Mobilization of BASE professional team for fund raising.
  • Take decision on the BASE’s annual holidays.
  • Arrange capacity building training for staff and BASE board members and send them to have the trainings/workshop to enhance their capacity.
  • Update about the progress of project and other financial and procurement matters to executive boards.

District Management Team: It follows the guidance of CMT and the BASE policies including admin policies and finance manual. DMT also manages day to day office management of district branch office of the BASE. The following are the ToR of the DMT,

  • Organize weekly meeting related to day to day management matters
  • Supervise and monitor the day to day management of project at the concern district.
  • Conduct staff annual performance appraisal at district level and consultant hiring process at district level.
  • Take decisions on the suddenly raised management issues with coordination of CMT.
  • Look after district branch office management in regular basis.
  • Coordinate with BASE district executive committee and CMT about management in the district.
  • Conduct annual evaluation of staff at district.
  • Conduct any other business (AoB) deemed by CMT.