Brief of Executive Members

BASE’s positions in the executive committee follow the democratic election process. Each position except nominee executive members has to be elected by BASE general assembly members. In every 5 years of the tenure of executive committee, the persons, who are in the executive positions, have to face the democratic election process based on a secret voting system. Currently, the following is the BASE central executive committee which took responsibility from the 25th General Assembly conducted on 19th January 2016 (5 Magh, 2072 B.S.)

  1. Dilli Bahadur Chaudhary

Founder President

Dilli Bahadur ChaudharyHe is the envisioner of native organization who founded BASE in 1985 from Dumrigaon of Dang district at the age of 17. He is a pioneer to end bonded labor (Kamaiya system) from Nepal. Now, 51-year-old Mr. Dilli Bahadur Chaudhary is continuing fighting against child labor, social discrimination, human trafficking, and campaigning for the Gender and Social Inclusion issues. He is advocating for the economic empowerment through business development and ensuring patient rights of indigenous and marginalized communities of Nepal. He also lobbies for the traditional cultural rights. It also refers to the “profile of founder president” for more detail.

  1. Yagya Raj Chaudhary (Date of Birth: 6/29/1958)

Vice-Chairperson / Acting President

Yagya Raj chMr. Yagya is a committed activist of indigenous rights, social change, and development who became a BASE member at the age of 36 years old. He represented from Kailali district. The first time he was elected as the President of the BASE district committee, Kailali district and later became an executive member. Now he has been elected vice-chairperson of the BASE executive committee for two tenures from Kailali district. He has a strong experience of socials mobilization and empowerment of the Kamaiya people to liberate them from the bonded labor system.

  1. Defu Lal Chaudhary (Date of Birth: 8/3/1962)

General Secretory

Defulal ChaudharyMr. Defu is one of the members during the foundation of the BASE. He joined Tharu community empowerment and the Kamaiya liberation campaign of founder president Mr. Dilli at the age of 22 years old. He represents from Dang district. He was also elected as a secretary of the BASE while registration of BASE in Government Office. He has been continuing social empowerment activism through the BASE in the Western Terai of Nepal. Now, 58 years old Mr. Defu was again elected as secretary of the executive committee and later, has been delegated power as acting chairperson of the BASE with strong experiences in the sector of indigenous and marginalized people’s empowerment.

  1. Gopal Chaudhary (Date of Birth: 6/9/1974)


Gopal ChaudharyThe first time, 46-year-old Mr. Gopal had joined BASE as elected vice-chairperson of the district committee of Kailali district and he has been elected as treasurer of the executive committee for two tenures of BASE executive committee. He is energetic, and well experienced in the mobilization of youth for the development of the community as well as financial record keeping of the organization.

  1. Dhurba Bahadur Shah (Date of Birth: 12/30/1964)

Joint Secretary

Dhruba Bdr ShahMr. Dhruba is a retired government official who joined BASE as a professional staff in the construction division of BASE who later was elected as joint secretary of the executive committee. He represent from Dang district. He has become a joint secretary of the executive committee for three tenures. He has strong experiences in sports, public relationships, community radio service.

  1. Maya Ram Chaudhary (Date of Birth: 7/20/1956)

Executive Member

Mayaram ChaudharyMr. Mayaram Chaudhary has been elected as a board member and it is his third tenures. He represented from Kanchanpur district and the board has assigned him to oversee the organizational as well as service delivery. He works as the bridge among the stakeholders in the district and local government and operation division of BASE.

  1. Sangita Tharu (Date of Birth: 7/1/1984)

Executive Member

Sangita ChaudharyMs. Sangita Chaudhary was the chairperson of BASE’s women awareness committee who became an elected member in the executive committee of the BASE for the first tenures. The first time she joined as the youth and women activist. She is energetic, and well experienced in climate change and adaptation and disaster risk reduction. She is one of the strong women activists. She represented from Banke district.

  1. Juna Khadka (Date of Birth: 2/3/1980)

Executive Member

Juna KhadkaMs. Juna Khadka has been elected as a BASE executive member and it is her first tenure. First-time she joined as the activist of women empowerment and rights through the performance of Kachehari Natak (drama) in the country and abroad.  Besides she is also the master trainer in the sectors of water sanitation and hygiene. She represents from Bardia district.

  1. Man Bahadur Chaudhary (Date of Birth: 6/10/1971)

Executive Member

Man Bahadur ChaudharyMr. Man Bahadur began his career in the BASE by joining in the youth division of BASE. He has been assigned to empower and mobilize youth through sports. He is holding government officials under the ministry of sports and involved in the BASE as the volunteer activist for the community development.

  1. Chanchala Chaudhary (Date of Birth: 11/17/1971)

Executive Member

Chanchala ChaudharyMs. Chanchala is one of the activists of women rights, gender-based violence. She has experience in value base social mobilization as well as the good organizer of community-based training. She was a member of the area committee of the BASE and currently holds first-time as a BASE executive committee member.

  1. Rajesh Chaudhary (Date of Birth: 6/18/1973)

Executive Member

Rajesh ChaudharyMr. Rajesh Chaudhary started his career with the BASE as a professional staff. He served as the finance officer for more than 13 years in the BASE district branch office as well as headquarter office. He has good experience in budget planning, tracking, monitoring, and reporting. Currently, he is a nominee member of the executive committee and assigned as the internal auditor by the executive board.

  1. Deepak Chaudhary (Date of Birth: 12/25/1981)

Executive Member

Dipak ChaudharyMr. Deepak Chaudhary is president of the youth committee at the central level as the youth committee is the major wings of the BASE where youth are getting a chance to start their professional career. He has a good experience of mobilization of youth to bring them in mainstream development. He is the trainer and problem-solving person as he knows participatory planning and action. Currently, he is holding as a nominee executive member of BASE for the first time. Currently, he is studying abroad (US) for his master’s degree in business administration and playing a vital role in expanding the international relation of BASE. He breaks the chain of addiction to youth.