About the Fundraiser

Nepal Needs Our Help, Now More Than Ever

  • NPR 54, 25,000 / USD $47,174 can help in provision of 2,500 COVID-19 relief kits to marginalized population infected with COVID-19 in remote villages of Nepal
  • NPR 10,995,000/ USD $95,608.70can help  in the provision of 300 COVID-19 health equipment kits to isolation centres and hospitals
  • NPR 64, 87,500/ USD $55,927 that can help distribute urgent food/rations package to 1500 disadvantaged and hungry people in the remote areas
  • NPR 15,450,000/ USD $133,190 that can help to educate at risk children and rehabilitate livelihood of 300 disadvantaged families.

Nepal is currently grappling with the infectious and deadlier second wave of COVID-19. The rapid peak in infection rate has brought the health infrastructure to its knees. With the lack of enough safety kits, life-saving medicines and medical care access, the situation of the marginalised and poor people of Nepal has worsened.

GOAL 1: Supporting marginalised infected populations with COVID-19 relief kits

People from Tharu community of Nepal, the historically disadvantaged group of bonded labourers and other community members, are facing grave consequences due to lack of access to preventive measures, adequate medical care and income instability.

As most people from the Tharu community and others in Nepal belong to the poorer sections of society and live in remote villages with limited medical resources, accessing a basic medicines and medical facilities has become even more difficult in these time of surged demand. Therefore we are making efforts to provide medical care access to such people through visits by a team of doctors and nurses to villages and communities and distribute safety and relief kits to the needy.

Our aim is to raise NPR 54, 25,000 / USD $47,174 in provision of 2,500 COVID-19 relief kits to the infected patients. Each relief kit will contain lifesaving equipment such as paracetamol tablets, masks, ORS, multi-vitamin tablets, vaporiser, soaps and sanitary pads; that can help vulnerable families protect themselves and their loved ones from succumbing to this grave infection.

You can support by contributing any amount convenient. Cost per kit NPR 2,170/USD $18.87.

GOAL 2: Supporting district hospitals and isolation centres with essential health and sanitisation equipment and materials.

Nepal’s health infrastructure is facing severe shortage of essential materials, disinfection and life-saving equipment even in the government run hospitals and dispensaries, which has led to delayed treatment and untimely death of patients in many cases.

Our aim is to raise NPR 10,995,000/ USD $95,608.70 that can help distribute 300 COVID-19 kits to local hospitals and isolation centres. These kits will include pulse oximeters, PPE sets, infrared thermometers, surgical gloves, and surgical masks, chlorine solutions, pumping spray for disinfection, vaporisers, and nebulisers.

You can support by contributing any amount convenient. Cost per kit NPR 35,650/USD $318.70

GOAL 3: Providing COVID-19 affected children and families with urgent food supplies.

In the remote heartland of Nepal, marginalized populations are struggling with food and medications due to the lockdown imposed for the last two months. Daily wage labourers including disadvantaged and former bonded labourers have lost their income pushing them and their families into hunger and or purchase medications.

Our aim is to raise NPR 64, 87,500/ USD 55,927 that can help distribute urgent food/ration packages to 1500 disadvantaged and hungry people in remote areas. The package will include rice, dal, flour, oil, salt, sugar and soaps.

You can support by contributing any amount convenient. Cost per package NPR 4,325/USD $ 37.28

GOAL 4: Rehabilitating COVID-19 victim children and families with education and livelihood support.

The families directly affected by the pandemic of COVID-19 are suffering with psychological, economic and social traumas. Children who have lost one or both parents are vulnerable to exploitation. Families have lost their main earner are struggling with being able to provide for the family as a whole.

Our aim is to raise NPR 15,450,000/ USD $ 133,190 to help educate at risk children and provide alternative livelihoods to 300 disadvantaged families. This work will help us protect our children from COVID and the aftermath that leaves them to vulnerable to economic exploitation, such as child labour, child trafficking, and child marriage. The livelihood rehabilitation program includes educational materials for children, skills development training for the new earning member of the family and enterprise start up support.

You can support by contributing any amount convenient. Cost per rehab and education package NPR 51,500 /USD $ 444.

We urge you to contribute to support those in dire need of help. Any amount, however large or small, is truly appreciated…

About BASE:

Backward Society Education (BASE) is a non-profit non-governmental organization that works with indigenous and marginalized community in Western Nepal to fight illiteracybonded labour from the Kamaiya system (ancient bonded labour system), and a number of other issues in the region including child labour and child trafficking.