Sub National Governance -Regional Dialogue Program

Sub National Governance (Regional Dialogue) Program


BASE has been implementing Sub National Governance (Regional Dialogue) Project in Dang, Banke, Bardiya, Kailali, Kanchanpur, Surkhet, East Rukum and Kapilvastu districts. The project was started from 14 March 2012 to 31st January 2021 with the financial support of The Asia Foundation. Dialogue is a preemptive & preventive tool for strategic peace building, process to craft informal, safe, confidential space to engaged stakeholders in a genuine interaction to strengthen their trust and understanding for improved relationships. Trust building in dialogue is a crucial component to strengthen relationship, creating mutual understanding and identifying possible avenues for cooperation across dividers. The concept of the dialogue replicated from the experience of facilitation on armed movement of former Moist and 7 political parties to bring them together for pioneer change in country by Human Activist Daman Nath Dhungana and Late Padmaratna Tuladhar who played the vital role as a facilitator for the successful conflict management and peace building in National level.

Dialogue support on strengthening State-Society relationship building on emerging issues relating to sub-national governance, including local, province and federal level government’s interests, needs and constraints under the new federal structure to facilitate the process of devolution of power. Multi-stakeholder dialogues have contributed in engineering spaces for deliberations and inclusive participation of relevant stakeholders during local level, province level decision making through dialogue by forming the Sambad Samuha (Dialogue Group). Sambad Samuha played the vital role to facilitate on different issues and dispute raised in local, province and federal government independently in the technical legal support of BASE. Sambad Samuha were formed with proper designed of Gender Equity and Social inclusion (GESI) concept in the participation of all the active political parties representatives, civil society members, human rights activist, women activist, journalist, different thematic /sectors wise expert, retired senior officials and secretaries of the Nepal government, Local community leaders, consumers, including sectors, geographical area covering. They facilitate stakeholders to bring together, to solve any kinds of dispute, issues and the problem and made them win/win situation from the facilitation of the matter apart from the criminal issue, the group or the person who can bring the chaos. Dialogue has its own dialogue circle process.

The main objective of the program is: to craft space, relationship and mechanism to supports inter-ethnic dialogue and use to transformed inter-ethnic relationships in conflict mitigation and peace building collaboration at the local level through dialogue, provide space for multi- cultural dialogue and affiliation, conflict mitigation, building the correlation throughout the m-cultural dialogue and support to establish peace in community level. It also help to Nepal Government on building the relation with community /people and support in process of mechanisms, provide support to disputes management and transformation of different levels, area, sector and communities and Provide support to establish peace, harmony with good governance in the local level through the dispute management.


Major activities.

  • Sambad Samuha formation and reformation
  • Sambad Samuha Regular Meeting
  • Conflict Analysis
  • Separate Meeting
  • Mini-Joint Meeting
  • Joint Meeting
  • Dialogue and Strategic Peace Building Training to Sambad Samuha members
  • Need Base Trainings to Sambad Samuha members
  • Review and reflection among Sambad Samuha members