BASE Membership

BASE is a membership organization. There are two wings of the organization; 1) people- people to mobilize the community for lobby and advocacy on policy which is structured in the village, area, district and central executive committee and 2) paper-people mobilizes staff to implement the service delivery interventions in the communities. BASE provides two types of membership, 1) Active membership and 2) General membership. BASE’s level of committees recommends active membership from general members to Central Executive Committee and it decides whether to provide active membership. When a general member gets the active membership, s/he gets the right to vote and nominate for the BASE committee officials/membership during the election of the BASE committee.

The person above the 18 years old can apply for the general membership in the Village Committee of BASE which decides to provide membership. Only the BASE executive committee can decide to provide active membership to those persons who have actively involved in the social activism based on the Area and District Committees of the BASE. Honorable membership and lifetime memberships are also provisioned by BASE constitute, but these types of members can neither vote nor nominate for the election of the BASE executive committee.

Till to date, BASE archives membership with disaggregated data as follows and out of Three hundred thousand membership male are 58.19%; the female is 41.81%; Dalits are 3.93%; Janajati (indigenous nationalities) are 72.19%; Muslim is 0.09%; Brahmin/Chetri is 20.92%, others are 2.88% members.

Summary of general members of the organization: