Relief Distribution to COVID-19 Quarantine Centers

COVID-19 Quarantine Centers Relief Distribution in Banke and Dang project


BASE is implementing COVID-19 Quarantine Centers Relief Distribution Project in Banke and Dang District with financial and technical support by Lutheran World Relief Nepal (LWR). The project started from July 1, 2020 and covers the three local governments of two districts (Raptisonari of Banke and Ghorahi-Sub-Metropolitan City and Tulsipur Sub-Metropolitan of Dang) respectively. The emergence of COVID crisis has affected the world today which requires a level of response that goes beyond the capacity of any country. With movement restrictions eased across India, the number of returnee migrants both reaching the border and entering the country, have been increased significantly.

More than 90% of the confirmed cases are asymptomatic when diagnosed. The cases increased/increase driven by repeated large influxes of Nepali workers returning from abroad. The government has provisioned to keep those returnees at the quarantine at least for 14 days and until the test is done for COVID-19 before they are releasing to their homes. The conditions of the quarantines in the country are not as per the standard setup by the government, with continuing the high inflow of the returnees from neighboring countries, it is expected to more serious problem of basic standard of accommodation, social distancing, WASH etc. Quarantine has been made but quality is not maintained, people who will come to the facilities on a daily basis are not maintaining social distance, lack of mask and gloves, hand washing station, shops and enough hygiene kits are not available for the returnees in quarantine. Due to the rainy season, the risk of different disease like dengue, typhoid and malaria etc. has been raised. Due to these difficulties those returnee are going back to home without testing the PCR which is creating the high possibility of community transmission of COVID 19.

Objective of the projects:

The main objective of the project is to ensure people staying in quarantine facilities in Banke and Dang have access to a hygienic and comfortable environment. The project proposed to provide quarantine facilities which able to accommodate additional people while maintaining comfort and hygiene, people kept in quarantine have basic needs met and basic items.

Main activities if the projects:

  • Provision of sleeping materials for quarantine centers
    The project will provide basic materials required for the quarantine centers. Specifically, mattress, pillow, bed sheets, floor mat to go under the mattress, blanket, fan, mosquito nets
  • Provision of hygiene kits
    Since people kept in quarantine need basic hygiene items, the project has envisioned to support for basic items like- soap, toothbrush, sanitary pad (for women), surgical or cloth masks (depending on availability), towels etc. Provide material support for 500 people.
  • Provision of safety gear to health workers in quarantine centers
    Health focal people assigned to quarantine centers lack basic safety gear, like personal protective equipment, N-95 masks, gloves and hand sanitizer. The project plans to distribute 7 sets of protective gear to staff in quarantine centers.