Livelihood Imrovement Project for Ex-Kamiyas

Livelihood Improvement Project for Ex-Kamaiyas


BASE has been implementing Livelihood Improvement Project for Ex-kamaiya in Gulariya Municipality ward no 1, 2, 4 and 8 in Bardiya district. The project was started from 1st December 2018 to 31st March 2021 with the financial and technical support of Christian Aid (CAID). Livelihood Improvement Project for Ex-Kamaiya has targeted 590 households from marginalized communities i.e. Ex-Kamaiya, landless, poor economic family, conflict affected families, Dalits, of Gulariya Municipality of Bardiya district to improve their livelihoods options to maximize their resilience to future disasters. The project objective is “Enhancing Ex-Kamaiyas and Marginalized Communities to have resilient livelihood options and increased income and food security with reduced vulnerabilities to climate change risks”.
Livelihood Improvement project for Ex-kamaiya project aims to enhance knowledge, skills and technical capacity of the marginalized HHs on diversifying the sources of livelihood. The project closely coordinates with the district and Municipal level stakeholders, capacitates farmers to engage them in vegetable production and agricultural income generating activities.

Major Activities:

  • Group/cooperative formation.
  • Capacity Building of farmer groups.
  • Business plan Preparation.
  • Technical trainings for farmers on Climate Smart ,resilient vegetable farming and improved livestock rearing
  • Support to marginalized HHs with improve Cattle shed (prototype), Agriculture seeds and tools and livestock support
  • Organize reflect sessions in 13 farmer groups and produce community action plan.
  • Conduct Gender and Power analysis with stakeholders:
  • Formation, capacity building of four Market Planning Committees (MPCs):
  • Organize business linkage meetings engaging participants from concerned agencies, business actors and farmers to establish linkages of farmers to market.
  • Support and mobilize MPCs to develop linkage of communities with the Government and Private sector for better market and services:
  • Workshop/ Meeting with Financial Institution for linkage of business:
  • Advocacy towards local government for repair and maintenance of market centers and collection centers (Kirshi Hat Bazars):
  • Develop local market centre with support of local government and linkage with community:
  • DRR institution formation and capacity building:
  • Youth mobilization for participatory Risk assessment and 4 plan preparations:
  • Support youth to organization simulation exercise of preparedness plan:
  • Training to youth on DRR and Youth mobilization for DRR awareness:
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