Vision, Mission & Goal Of Base

BASE is not only a NGO but a great social movement organization. It is not only involved in the development work, but also in raising a voice for indigenous and marginalyzed  people’s rights. BASE campaigned and still working for the abolition of child labor and the Kamlahari system. Policy advocacy for the reformation of existing policies and new policy at the federal, provincial and the local level to control human trafficking and child labor through creating child friendly village in Nepal. BASE also works on an effective implementation of various policies of government. BASE raises a strong voice against exploitation, injustice, and deprivation.  BASE has historically played a leading role to end the Kamaiya system from Nepal.

With a vision to create self reliant and equitable society.

With a mission BASE commits for socio-economic, human resource and institutional development, cultural, environmental, and human rights protection and promotion and creation of equitable, peaceful, and prosperous society.

With the goal to create educated, equitable and healthy society by providing opportunities of livelihood, development, education, employment and social inclusion for excluded community.


Objective 1: To assist the development of community leadership by means of rural involvement and organization.
Objective 2: To give special attention for creation of awareness to the local people and enhance people’s participation.
Objective 3: To assist the communities for the effective delivery of health services. While doing so, the aspiration of the general public with regard to health service, health tests and environmental protection shall be promoted.
Objective 4: To provide educational aid and advice to the backward ethnic groups for their intellectual upliftment. The organization shall run literacy classes in accordance with their needs and demands and shall also conduct other relevant programs.
Objective 5: To deliver cultural education to different ethnic groups and contribute on preserved diverse cultures of different ethnic groups.
Objective 6: To extend harmonious relationship with other associations, institutions and organizations for human and social upliftment through the delivery of good governance.
Objective 7: To work on the reduction of the effects of natural disaster and calamities.
Objective 8: To provide consultancy services and necessary support programs in accordance  with the requirement of different ethnic groups.
Objective 9: To reduce the traditional customs prevalent among backward ethnic groups.
Objective 10: Since the income sources of the backward ethnic groups are meagre, skill development activities will be launched to mobilize available labor to increase their income.
Objective 11: The organization will facilitate for the involvement of different ethnic groups in the implementation of programs related to natural resources management, education, community mobilization, community development, health, family planning and other extra-curricular activities in the rural sector.
Objective 12: To involve the participation of women disadvantaged and poor people in the main stream of development and enhance production value addition and management of local resources for the economic and social welfare of the people.