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Nepal Needs Our Help, Now More Than Ever

Nepal is grappling with the deadly second wave of COVID-19 which has put an enormous strain on the existing medical infrastructure. The country is running out the oxygen supply, minimum PCR tests and shortage of essential medicines has worsened the life of marginalized people living in the villages. Numbers of people in the villages are struggling with the common symptoms of the Covid infection but they lack safety kits, life-saving medicines and medical care access.

With the generous support of our partners, local governments, stakeholders and members we have conducted medical camp with a team of doctor and health workers in the villages of Dang and Kailali districts, the most affected red zone districts.

Between the dates of 10th – 13th June, 2021, the team has examined health of 306 (171 female and 135 male) more people along with medical counseling as well as essential basic medication.  

Out of 306 people, 192 people found struggling with the common symptoms to Covid-19 but only 11 have got access to PCR test.  The medical camp team has guided the patients about safety precautions.   

Distributed medicines to 151 persons for controlling fever, cold and cough. Supported with Antigen test of 2 Covid suspected persons. The team has reached to serve people living in the remote villages of Shantinagar and Babai Rural Municipality in Dang district and Kailali Ruram Municiaplity of Kailali district.