Meeting of Children Network in Rapti Sonari Rural Municipality


On 9th March, 2020 one day meeting of Children Network was organized in Rapti Sonari Rural Municipality. The representatives of all nine wards attended the meeting with BASE project team as well as Chairman of Rapti Sonari RM Mr. Lahuram Tharu. Each ward shared about the activities been carried out in the wards with their involvement. Similarly they also shared about the issues i.e. child marriage, drug abuse, drop out and child labor of children in their localities. To address these issues they have requested continuous support from BASE as well as local government. They have also expressed their solidarity to contribute for children rights.

According to the participants, this children network has been a very important platform for children to get united and learn about empowerment as well as advocacy. After coming in the network their collective voices have been powerful and they have learnt to develop plans. Till the date they have learnt about child rights, child friendly village, problem analysis, making action plans. Likewise they have participated in various activities i.e. election process, visits to ward offices, interactions with representatives, orientation, door to door visit for data collection of needy and vulnerable children, street drama shows, and sports carried out in their communities. Among all these they have found election, a democratic process of voting and electing their representatives, street drama and door to door visit the most effective and important to empower the community with mass coverage.

Moreover, children have identified some of the activities to carry out among their children club and network for which they have requested to Chairman of Rapti Sonari. After their exams, with technical support of BASE team they will develop the proposals and visit government offices to gather their support. Similarly, the participants discussed about rescue and rehabilitation of those child labors working away from home. Due to unfavorable family environment and being orphans, it is challenging to rescue and rehabilitate back to community. Neither are there rehab centers or shelters to keep those children. So, feeling it as very necessary, it has been discussed with Chairman, Mr. Tharu and he has agreed to consider it seriously for which a joint meeting among government and non-government stakeholders will be called by Rural Municipality.

Besides this fruitful meeting, holi (festival of colors) was celebrated. The children enjoyed and shared their excitements with each other.  This created a joyful and colorful environment.