Remedial Package Training Conducted

BASE has organized 5 days remedial package conduction training to 17 mathematic teachers of seven community schools from Dang and Banke districts with an objective ‘to support poor performer in class rooremedial1m as well as in extra remedial classes’. The training was organized from 28th March to 1st April, 2017 at BASE and BBA training center, Chakhaura Dang. Mr. Binod Prasad Pant, Professor of Kathmandu University facilitated the training by following the remedial package (based on students and teachers requirements) developed by KU itself.

In order to identify students’ knowledge and standard a diagnostic test was conducted with 1230 students from grade four to eight in seven selected schools. The rank was determined as; <90% marks = “A+”, 80% to 89%= “A”, 60% to 79%=”B”, 40% to 59% =”C”, 25% to 39%=”D”, 1% to 24%= “E” and >1%=”Zero” categories. And those Math teachers of the same schools were asked to check the answer papers. Based on the marks secured we found that out of 1230 students 1045 students were in “Zero” and “E” rank. Therefore to increase learning outcomes, the training was focused on to improve basic skill and knowledge of the students in Math subject in grade four to eight.
The major contentsremedial2 were; different and easy steps of addition, subtraction, multifunction, fraction, HCF and LCM, decimal, solid shapes, measurement, triangle, angle through using jio-board, card sheets, scale and other materials. The sessions conducted with friendly and participatory approaches have equipped teachers with better knowledge, skills and responsibilities to contribute to students learning outcomes. The trained teachers have also developed their action plans for 40 remedial classes with around 1000 poor performer students which will be monitored and followed up by BASE staffs for meaningful evaluation.
In the closing ceremony, BASE ED, Mr. Churna Bahadur Chaudhary requested and emphasized teachers to apply the learning from the training to add students learning by active participation and frequent exercise in class rooms as well as extra classes for students to improve their learning outcome in Math subject.